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Research & Teaching Guidelines

faculty member and trainee discussing experiments

The Tufts IRACDA program is committed to providing scholars with strong support for their research and teaching activities. In keeping with this philosophy, the program has developed guidelines to insure that scholars and their mentors are familiar with the support that is available to them and are aware of the expectations that have been set forth for all Tufts IRACDA scholars. Each scholar is also assigned a Career Advisor who provides mentorship as the scholar moves through the program and prepares for the transition to a faculty position. Dr. Moore and program leadership are available to help scholars with questions about program expectations.

Research Guidelines & Research Advisory Committee

The Tufts IRACDA Program facilitates research training in a number of ways. In addition to the traditional research mentor in whose laboratory the fellow trains,Tufts IRACA scholars have a Scholar Mentoring Team that provides additional research guidance and advice.

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Research Guidelines

Scholar Mentoring Team Form

Teaching Guidelines & Teaching Evaluation

Preparing and presenting a course at one the Tufts IRACDA partner institutions is an integral part of the our program. The teaching each scholar does is determined in part by the interest and expertise of the scholar and by the needs of the partner schools.

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Teaching Guidelines

Teaching Evaluation Form

Discussing research

Alumni Career Outcomes

Over 80% of our scholars have transitioned directly to academic positions in the US; over 70% have taken tenure-track positions. Learn more about our alumni.