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Career Outcomes

students at a career workshop

To help all applicants and others interested in the Neuroscience program, we have summarized information of the careers that are being pursued by Neuroscience PhD graduates. The information below includes all PhD program graduates who matriculated from 1985 to the present and is updated a minimum of twice each year.

Information about individual alumni can be found on our Alumni Page

 Career Choices of Neuroscience PhD Graduates*
   Number %
Academic faculty 7 17
Academic staff scientists 2 5
Research in Biotech/Pharma 4 10
Science-related non-research 14 34
Pursuing postdoctoral training 9 22
Non-science-related 0 0
Not in the labor force 3 7
Information unavailable 2 5
Totals  41 100

*Academic faculty includes individuals who hold faculty positions at institutions of higher education in the US and abroad. Science-related non-research includes patent law, technology transfer, business development, scientific writing, science policy and other similar careers.